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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the man the president praised today for making america safer has died. we're learning how much airlines are making off these fees you have to pay. od evening. i'm wendy rieger. jim and doreen are off tonight. some people are seeing snow tonight already. for the rest of us, we're just hunkered down trying to get through it. let's take a look with doug kammerer in the weather center. >> some of that coming down on a moderate clip, maybe even on the heavy side for the time being. any time you see this orange shoe in the sky, you may think about snow, and that's exactly what we have out there. current temperatures with 24 degrees with light snow falling in the d.c. area. look at the wind chill. around 12. look at the snow. a band of lake effect snow making its way along the potomac river. the areas seeing the heaviest
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snow are loudon county, montgomery county and bethesda. some areas mayick up a coating of snow and it may make slick spots on those roadways, so give yourself some extra time tonight. wind chills down into the single digits already. wendy? >> this is a wacky december out there. this cold with those high winds is a brutal mbination, and you don't have to be out there long to feel those effects. jackie bensen is in rossland. tell us about it, jackie. >> there are some snow flurries here in rossland. the wind makes it feel much colder than what the temperatur on the thermoter reveal. >> with a wrenching grown, a section of temporary chain link fence in front of the smithsonian's musum of history
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toppled over. it was a result of the fierce winds that ripped through the area sbou tinto the evening aloh a few snow flurries from time to time. the popular mall which is good for exercise in virtually any weather was deserted. >> you know it's pretty cold but it will probably get worse. it will probably be january that has that biting cold that just takesour breath away. >> a trip to the supermarket requires full snow gear. this man went shopping in the cold because he has a cold. >> i needed to get some stuff for -- to fight the cold with, like some soup and stuff like that. >> reporter: the frigid weathe continued to contribute to water main breaks, like this one in the 1900 block of florida avenue northwest. water utity crews throughout the region haven't been this
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busy since last winter. local water companies report dozens of water main breaks in the last 12 hours. wendy, back to you. >> all right, jackie bensen. thanks, jack. long-time diplomat richard holbrooke has died. holbrook served as the president's special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan. he started in vietnam in 1962 and he has served under every democratic president since john f. kennedy. holbrook collapsed on friday he was suffering from a torn rta. richard lbrooke was 69 years old. the white house agrees with a federal judge who shot down a key part of the n health care law. the law was challenged by virginia's attorney general who said a mandate requirin that all americans to purchase healt insurance is unconstitutional, and today a federal judge, henry hudson, agreed, saying that mandate goes beyond congress'
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power. they are not calling the ruling a setback, however. he knows other federal judges have ruled in its favor. experts think the supreme cot will ultimately be deciding this question. the bill to preserve the bush era tax cuts for all income brackets passed a key test vote in the senate today. the compromised bill could move to the house as early as tomorrow. president obama said today's landslide vote proves that mocrats and republicans can work together. but the house will be a much toughesell. several democrats have been vocal about their disappointment with the tax nefits being extended to the wealthy. a plea deal could be in the works f works for a university of virginia student. she has beenccused of killing yeardley love. the washington examiner is reporting that a plea deal will be reached in this case. the paper also reports the prosecutors will not pursue the
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death penalty. >> 20 drinks. that's how much one bar rved a man before he drove off. after leaving, he killed a 10-year-old girl, and now her family wants to change a law in maryland thaprotects bars from civil suits and dru driving deaths. greg melvin is live with this story. greg? >> wendy, the family of that 10-year-old girl is suing the d dogfish head alehouse. winning the lawsuit is a long shot, but they're hoping it forces lawmakers to change the law. >> 14-year-old courtney harris and her younger sister had just fallen to sleep in this mangled jeep cherokee. when the 14-year-old woke up in the hospital, she had one question. i'm like, where is jasmine? >> their mother was in the front
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seat. she was also in the hospital when her brother came in with the news. >> i said, you're lying, you're lying. i got to find my baby. he said, no, i'm not lying. when he started crying, i was like, you're not lying. he said, no. she just closed her eyes. >> 10-year-old jasmine killed by a drunk driver. michael eaton of fairfax had 17 coronas and about three shots in five hours in this bar. then he hopped into his range recove rover and headed south. he slammed into them and pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident involving injury. now they also want to punish the bar that served him that night. >> they didn't try to stop him, they didn't call a taxi, they didn't suggest somebodyick him up. >> they claim that the dogfish
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alehouse should be held responsible for jasmine's death. it's a long shot because maryland is one of the eight states in the country where bars and restaurants can't be held civilly liable. >> if bars and restaurants know they'll be liable serving someone past the point they shouldn't be served, then they'll exercise bter judgment. >> for octavia, it's about protecting little sisters. >> i'll never know her and my children will never know her. >> we wanted to know that the d dogfish head alehouse never faced any criminal charges in the matter. we'd also like to note we called several times to try to call the attorney that represents the bar and restaurant behind me. he never called us back. craig melvin, news4. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, craig. still ahead in our broadcast, firefighters dive into a freezing pondto save a woman stuck in an suv.
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a professional driver clips one car after another and another and another and another on the way to dulles airrt. and a winter blast proves too much for rescuers in the midwest. wendy, what you got? they reported losing, the redskins down right disgusted. also the coach will pay a heavy price for [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season wi the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your dc area jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf. a lawyer for the maryland man arrested in a plot to bomb a military recruiting center says hi client was entrapped by the government. antonio martinez was arrested last week during an fbiting accused of trying to bomb a center in maryland. his lawyer said martinez would not have been able to carry out that plot. prosecutors said he came up with that idea without their help and
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he will remain in custody until his trial starts. he is facing a slew of charges tonight after several hit and runs on the way to an airport. mohammad was dving about 100 miles an hour when he rmed other drivers along i-66 in northern virginia this morning. the van was towed away from dulles airport after mohammad was arrested. a woman and a toddler who were in a minivan hit by this supershuttle were treated for minor injuries. no passengers were on the shuttle during these incidents. there was a dramatic incident. a wom drove her suv into a retention pond. two firemen dove into the pond, one them in short sleeves. one of them swam the woman back to shore. she was in the water for about five minutes but ais expected t be fine. the airlines reveal how much
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drink knownmpany that the drink waf the the such asloco being gallery hurthe smithsonian financially. the warhol foundation ha given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the museum, and today it said
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it would withhold all funding from the institution unless a video that was removed from the hide and seek exhibit was retued. the video depicts ants crawling on a crucifix. some of the public complained it was sacreligious and it was pulled and removed. the extra fees you pay? they're leading to big profits for the airlines. baggag fees led to $200 billion in the first months of the year. airlines are now looking at imposing more fees for in-flight wi-fi and premium seats. industry experts say sticking to your carry-on bags remains the best way to avoid surcharges such as they are. a massive winter storm has left much of the midwest in the cold with frzing temperatures, strong winds causing oblems
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throughout the great lakes region. and they're used to this kind of stuff. zens of cars and trucks were stuck for hours this morning on snow-covered roads in northwest indiana. snowdrifts created by the wind prevented some rescuers from reaching these vehicles. crews inspecting the roof of the metrodome out in minneapolis to figure out just holong it will take to repair it. the teflon dome collapsed yesterday under the weight of 17 inches of snow. there are now three large holes in the roof and that cave-in forced the vikings to play in detroit tonight. which wasn't good luck for them. the closer home snow in the richmond area made for difficult driving. the virginia policehad to help people getting stuck. it caught most people off guard. we're just not used to this.
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sdp >> some areas saw sunshine today and now we have a lake effect band coming down. >>rom the potomac? >> interesting you say that, but no, these are lake effect snow showers. any time you see an orange sky like this during the winter months, it makes youthink maybe there is some snow out there. and in this case, you would be correct, there is some snow out there. we're seeing that snow right along the potomac, right through washington, d.c., loudon county, portions of frederick county as well as portions of montgomery county. you can see where i'm talking about. just to the south of gaithersburg, towards new brunswick, just to the north of leesburg. herndon, ashburg, sterling, you may see some of these snow showers make their way in. but band of lake effect snow, you may see accumution on grassy surfaces and on your vehicles as well, and maybe on
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some of the roadways. so give yourself a little bit of extra time this evening. we saw it come toward wheaton, out toward kensington as well. 11 of the last 13 days of dember have beenbove or well below freezing. 24 the current temperature. wind chill up 12. temperatures around the area, 19 in hagerstown, 22 in sterling, 20 in manassas. 40 degrees -- 40 miles an hour in sterling, 30 miles an hour in manassas. there is a wind advisory back to the west including frederick county into virginia well for winds up to 35 and 50 miles an hour, especially along the ridges. a wind chill advisorys wind chills could easily get down below zero in those locations. right now we're in single dig s
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digits. feels like 2 in hagerstown. an extremely windy and cold night tonight. the same tomorrow. we'll see potential flurries tomorrow. then we'll watch a system on thursday. right now if it does come into the area, it would be snow, but the latest thinking is this system should remain just to our south. partly cloudy, windy,very cold. it's going to feel more like 5 to 10 degrees as we move through the day tomorrow. high temperatures only in the upper 20s to lower 30s. wind chills 10 to 18 degrees. probably one of the colder days we've seen in a long time. and now i have it dry but still on the cold side. >> all right. all right. thanks, doug. sti ahead, a special ride through area streets lead santa to some
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maybe they wish they had played in the metrodome. >> you're talking about the vikings. as far as brett favre's streak, maybe it's something about detroit, because in 1939, yankees legend number 4, l gehr gehrig, saw his streak of 2,130 executive games played in that dome tonight. tonight brett favre saw his streak of 2,000 consecutive games comeo an end. favre would have to watch this from afar. he hasn't done that since 1992. not what he wanted in the first quarter.
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his replacement goes to hand off to anderson. vikings do notant to see that. peterson and jackson both would have to sit out a play, but they would return. favre, though, sitting on the sides thinking, i can't watch that. second quarter, the giants recover from a sluggish start. jacobs rumbles from 73 yards. down to the minnesota 14-rd line. he would punch it in four plays later for the touchdown. the giants cruise to a 21-3 win. favre looking ptty bored, wouldn't you say, there on the sidelines. moving on to redskins news. the team played safety landry on return today. the team will work out a handful of kickers tomorrow including rick novak. shanahan's plan is not to release him after sunday's performance but to find help since he's battling a rib injury. this final play seems to be the
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redskins bad luck. after sending e game to overtime, the special team seemed to unravel in a series of events that left fans rubbing their eyes in disbelief. the touchdown scored that could have been a game winner, h talks about the frustration of a losing season. >> you play this game to win. somebody has to win, somebody has to lose, but when you're just losing and you know you had chance to win, i'm talking throughout the game, throughout the years, throughout the weeks, throughout this year, you're losing and you don't have no say-so why -- that's why it hurts. and that's why i feel the way i feel bause i'm just getting tired of it. >> santana has an emotional outburst there. the team will go on the field preparing to play with dallas on sunday. sal alosi has been suspended without pay the rest of the season. he was fined an additional
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$25,000 for a move he made on the sidelines yesterday that he couldn't even explain. the jets were hosting the dohins. miami quarterback carroll covering the dolphin front. carroll falls down as he runs near the sideline of the jets bench. heas shaken up badly on the play. but the reason he was shaken up so badly was because he went down full force, and you have to take a look at this replay. inside the yellow circle, the jets' strength coach stuck out his left knee, causing carroll to fall down hard. carroll was okay, and would later return to the game. alosi apologized profusely, holdg a press conference where he summed up his actions. >> i wasn't thinking. if i could go bac and do it again, i sure as heck would take a step back. it was just a situation where i just wasn't thinking. i felt terrible. my heart went into my chest up into my throat. whatever those disciplinary
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actions are, i'm lling to accept them and, you know, move forward fro there. >> sal alosi banned from the nfl for a year. dougyou say as a former athlete you might think about doing that but you never do it. >> come on, we're adults. >> he had to bring haynesworth back in. up next,
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old town alexandria is one step closer to revamping its waterfro. people weighed in on new plans. current drafts include redeveloping the park, fixing the docks in the sea walls and building a 200-foot pir. city officials plan to release an updated blueprint with any changes ne month. tremendous day for chiren at the boys and girls club in washington, d.c. they met the president and the l.a. lakers basketball team, some members. the lakers were in town to be honored for winning the nba championship last year, but instead of the usual that digs at the white house, the president took the team
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santa hit monomery county a little early tonight and he came on some hot wheels. riding on a motorcycle, he went to the institution hse of bethesda where he delivered toys to the children in it, where kids and familiestay while they're undergoing treatment. it was all capped off by a party where the kids got to spend extra time with santa and with all the police officers, which was lovely. >> it's snowing there right now. >> that makes it even more festive. that's our broadcast. the tonight show is next. thanks for watching and we hope toee you tomorrow. tonight, jay welcomes


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